Yeezy 350 V2 "Yeshaya" - Releasing January 22nd

Yeezy 350 V2 "Yeshaya" - Releasing January 22nd

By: Ryan Smith 

Release Date: January 22, 2020 

As we enter the dawn of a new decade, we are led by the cache of team Adidas and Kanye West with what some would call an assault on the sneaker market with another flood of the Yeezy 350 family. The duo is making good on West’s 2015 promise of ample opportunities to secure your pair of coveted partnership products by featuring more releases per month including full family sizing. The first Colorway to dawn the decade being the Yeezy 350 V2 “Yeshaya” released on January 25th, 2020. This new offering is cleaning the palette of what may be a past era for the v2 intricate net detailing, upper strip, and heel strip. We are given metallic-like threading that gives the eye the illusion of a glittered white color. The sole is a two-toned translucent rubber sole in a cream and gum light tinted gel. The iconic upper stripe detailing is featured in a white translucent color nylon-like material that provides a monochromatic relief for the eye to rest with new silhouette mold. We have yet another strapless back, which in common with popular debate has been added to what is hard to classify in the lineage of sub-categories within the archive of Yeezy collections. The side net strip of the 350 is reminiscent of the play on transparency Judd uses in many of his pieces. The carefully curated tones and fine-tooth net detailing is far starker in contrast from shoe to shoe. Kanye and Adidas are seemingly approaching the commercial sneaker market with a series of fine artworks. Some may be similar in tone and messaging, one could say He is a similar scape as Donald Judd (post-war multidisciplinary artist). Not to be confused with minimalism, both artists play with earthy material references and tone that do not disrupt the observer from fully experiencing art interacting with nature. Both carefully and subtly blend pieces that embodied man’s ability to use repetition as a motif. Both artists play with various lenses of dimension and color recognition to blend nature rather than aimlessly seeding the world with more cash-grab color combination choices for the sneaker masses. 

Kanye West is no novice to the art scene and is taking no applauds in his pursuit to trailblaze with Adidas in the transformation that is happening within art, sneaker, political, and spirituality arena. The Yeezy 350 V2 name translating to mean “God is salvation”, in an obscure critique one could presume the translucent off-white color could reference his nod to the cleansing stones get from the water of the earth. For fashion, sneaker, or art collectors alike this is another chance to make functional art that will definitely sell out quickly. For more on sneaker release visit our store to shop the full experience and check out our social for daily updates.

The price retails for $220 which is in sync with past releases. The internet has seen much debate as to whether this will is too similar to its senior, the Yeezy “Static”.


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